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About Us

Everything that shows up on My African Times is educated by our qualities.

Trust is the establishment of My African Times. We esteem your trust and consequently we ensure that we approve our data before we present it to you. We are centered around getting it first and hitting the nail on the head. We give a national voice.

My African Times Journal facilitates the exchange of information among practitioners, thought leaders, and students of My African Times, in order to advance knowledge and capabilities in the field. We hope this, in turn, advances the practice and effectiveness of those forces prosecuting My African Times in the interest of self-determination, freedom, and prosperity for the population in the area of operations.

My African Times attempts to be precise in its detailing, straightforward and careful in its sourcing, and reasonable and free in its investigation. My African Times endeavors to check and prove data through different sources at whatever point conceivable.

My African Times awards obscurity to sources so they can give data in people in general enthusiasm without putting themselves in danger; My African Times doesn't give secrecy to sources so they can keep away from responsibility for their assessments. 

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